Who Can Shoot
1. Members Only. NO GUEST SHOOTERS
2. Range hours are from 8:00 am to sunset.
3. Any person appearing under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not permitted on the Property and will be asked to leave the range.
4. Anyone damaging range property or otherwise contravening any of these rules is subject to immediate forfeiture of membership and they will be subjected to legal action.
5. The rifle range and trap range can be used at the same time providing the 200 yard range and gong is closed.
6. Only Birdshot 7.5 or smaller is permitted on the trap range. Slugs must be fired on the rifle range.
7. The 50 BMG CANNOT be fired at the range.
9. Shooting at paper targets or the Regina Fish and Game gong. No other targets are permitted.
10. Only one shooter allowed per shotting bench.
11. Raise the Flag / Lower Flag (First in Last out).
12. Sign in and Out in the Log Book.
13. During a cease-fire, all firearms must be made SAFE. Shooters must be behind the cease-fire line. Firearms must be pointed down range at all times and should be treated as loaded if the action is closed. No loaded firearms shall leave the firing line.
14. A SAFE FIREARM is; action open and internal magazine empty or detachable magazine removed and empty.
15. When on duty, range officers have full authority on the range.
16. All members are encouraged to report unsafe situations to Regina Fish and Game League.
17. Clean Up range area.