Memberships are available from directors or at one of the following businesses:  
T'nt Gunworks
Pokey's Tackle
2018 Membership Pricing
Adult  $80.00
Range Key FOB (Available ONLY to adult members. 1 per member) $20.00 Deposit
Spouse $10.00
Junior (17 years & under) $10.00


Please note that an Adult Membership is Required to purchase a Spouse or Junior Membership. A Range Access Key will only be permitted to only those who hold the Adult Membership with the RFGL. 

The RFGL reserves the right to suspend and or terminate membership of any members whom are in violation of any rules; being abusive to other members or directors; causing damage to RFGL property; creates an unsafe environment for themselves and or others.  
The RFGL strives to continue providing a safe and fun environment for all its members to enjoy.  Our goal is to continue be one of the best and safest ranges in Canada.  This requires our entire memberships full cooperation and support.
We are concidering a new format for memberships in the future.  Due to the large amount of changes and our ever growing membership, all members who wish to have a key to access the range facilities may be required to complete a range orientation session.  Safety is number one and in order to ensure all members are proficient on the range. It the program is approved by the board, we will require all members past and future to complete this orientation.