The Regina Fish & Game League is a 1500 member strong non-profit corporation based in Regina Saskatchewan. The League was formed in 1954 to promote the conservation of wildlife and their habitat. We have a number of clubs that all members are welcome to enjoy.
The following members are Directors for the Board of The Regina Fish and Game League. These Officers and Directors oversee the operation of the League committees and projects.
President - Jon Neal
1st VP - John Rogers
2nd VP - Mike Carpenter
Treasurer - 
Secretary -
Archery - Lon Martinac
Audit Committee - Paul Gebhardt, Steve Eberhardt, Barry Nichol, Mike Carpenter, Jon Neal, John Rogers
Bulletin -
Fisheries -
Hansworth - Ron Pyle
Membership - Paul Gebhardt
Nominating Committee - Mike Carpenter
Pheasants - Arnie Barth
Pistol - Barry Nichol
Projects - Tom Rogers
Public Relations - Ron Pyle
Range Maintenance - Paul Gebhardt
Range Safety - Steve Eberhardt
Social - Bobbie Cherepuschak
Sportsman's Draw - Barry Nichol
Trap - Arnie Barth
Trophy - Siegy Scheide
WAC - 
League members are welcome to attend the regular monthly Board meetings. In addition, we are always looking for energetic members to undertake projects and programming for the many League programs, clubs, and functions. For more information please contact the League President. We need a wide range of skill sets to effectively operate and maintain the many clubs, facilities and wildlife programs in our current work plan.